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8 Hours of CSPAN

Today is the most that I have paid attention to CSPAN. The issue was with the Armed Forces Committee  on Sexual Assault. Now why is this important? This has been the biggest issue in the military since racism. The fact that there has been so many “Unwanted Sexual Contact”, Rape, and Harassment in the ranks has proven that there are predators in the ranks. How do we handle this? We have the training, the leaders, and the tools to report and handle this. Fact of the matter is that there has been over 26,000 reports sent up from the various reporting agencies. But still we have problems. It’s become a Macho Man issue in the Army and there hasn’t been any recognition that there are females out there as well doing the same thing. About 60 percent of the reports given are from Male soldiers. Wether it be from females attempting or it be from male on male brute force. It has to stop. One thing I know is that it won’t be tolerated in my ranks. Team Dungeon we are on high alert! Let’s stop it where we can and if we see it ourselves. Hooah!

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